Circumcision/UTI Update


Circumcision Does Not Lower The Incidence of Infant Urinary Tract


Recent research by Dr. Martin S. Altschul in the Northwest
Permanente Hospitals exposes the hoax of the connection between
circumcision and lower rates of UTI.  Many doctors questioned the
prospective study of UTI in infants by Army Dr. Thomas Wiswell. 
When the controversy first erupted over Wiswell's results, his
rates mysteriously went from 4% vs. 2% (INTACT vs. circumcised)
to 1% vs. .05%.  Childhood UTI is a difficult and confusing
diagnosis and Wiswell's results were confusing, inconsistent and
did not agree with the state of medical "common knowledge."

The state of medical "common knowledge" regarding infant male UTI

     "In all age groups except early infancy, females have a
     much higher rate of UTI than males.  Male infants are
     more likely to be born with abnormalities of the
     urinary tract.  Although such abnormalities are rare,
     they are the predominant cause of infant UTI.  Infant
     UTI is therefore a serious condition that often
      requires surgical correction of an underlying cause."
Wiswell's results did not fit medical common knowledge and, more
importantly, broke the crucial connection between UTI and urinary
birth defects.  Does he suggest that circumcision could prevent a
disorder the child had at birth?  Such a conclusion would defy
all human logic.

Dr. Altschul's review was similar to Dr. Wiswell's review in
order to find out why Wiswell's results were inconsistent.  In
Dr. Altschul's words, "I found not a single confirmed case of UTI
in a normal male infant.  All of the confirmed cases occurred in
infants who had clear-cut urinary birth defects."

This result is consistent with medical "common knowledge" and
consistent with results in Europe where almost all males are
INTACT.  If Wiswell were correct, there would have been 80 INTACT
infant males with UTI in this study with no urinary birth
defects.  There were none!  And Wiswell never did a follow-up in
his study!

Dr. Altschul is asked a common question, "What rate of
preventable UTI would justify male circumcision?"  He answer,
"What rate of preventable UTI would justify routine female

Dr. Altschul received his doctorate in medicine from the Johns Hopkins University Medical School and an M.S. in statistics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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