Foreskin Restoration

Foreskin Restoration

As the fallacies of circumcision and the physical and 
psychological problems associated with it become clearly 
evident, more and more circumcised men are restoring their 
foreskins either by surgery or a stretching method. A recently 
published book, "The Joy of Uncircumcising" by Jim Bigelow, Ph.D., 
is an excellent reference and can be purchased or ordered through 
most book stores. It can also be ordered from the 
Circumcision Resource Center, P.O. Box 232, Boston, MA  02133.

In addition, a new mailing list has been created through Internet 
for those interested in learning more about restoration, and those 
already in the process of restoration. Here you can share and 
discuss your questions and ideas with others who share your interest, 
and with men who are in the actual process of restoration. The 
purpose of this mailing list is to be interesting and helpful, and 
respect for feelings and views is requested. This is a new listing 
and your participation is encouraged.

You can join the list by sending a message to:
This is not an automated subscription package so please include a
message indicating you would like to join. The addition will not 
take place until the next day after you have been added.

Mail is sent to the list by sending to:

The list is secure, so only the administrator and MIT system
administrators have access to the list of people subscribed. 
However, your Internet address will show when you send a message 
to the list. This will enable you to write privately to a member 
with regard to a question or issue which may not be of interest to 
the general membership.

For those of you interested, your participation is welcomed!

Gary Burlingame 

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