NOCIRC of Japan Newsletter 1993, vol. 2:8

National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource
Rich Angell, Editor
311 Meiji Machi
Yanago City, Tottori Pref.
683 Japan
Telephone: 0859-34-3795

Vol.2:8, 22 February 1993

I am now safely back from California.  It was a real adventure. 
It was glitch-free until I headed for home.  Then while flying
United Airlines, we were only two or three hours from Narita,
Japan, when one of the four engines conked out.  We ended up
going back to Anchorage Alaska where we spent the night.  My
friends in Tokyo had to cancel their dinner plans for me, and I
missed work Friday, which is the worst day of all for me to miss.

They were really short-handed without me.  They had to hire extra
help and it was still an overload.  That in and of itself was bad
enough, but I had to work most of Saturday to make up for it
(instead of relaxing and writing the newsletter) and I was docked
for Y13,000 (over US$100.) from my salary plus I had a big phone
bill as a result of the delay.  That's the bad news.  The good
news concerning NOCIRC is so copious I'll never get it all down
in one newsletter.  Please enjoy, make copies and take action.


*    First of all, I have two back-to-back enclosed targets.  The
first is Action Alert #3 of NO HARMM, re: "No more health
insurance coverage for routine infant circumcision, request to
Hillary Rodham Clinton."  She hand-wrote a letter to Marilyn
Milos, so she is fully aware of the issue.  You can also write,
by the way, to Health Care Task Force, Old Exec. Bldg.,
Washington, DC 20500.  The second item is a flaming feminist
article by Ms Linda Hossie in The Globe and Mail, Canada's
National Newspaper, 5 Feb.  Note the denial of male genital
mutilation as marked by Bettie Malofie who sent this one to me. 
It looks to me like Ms Hossie needs a little edu-muh-cation and
like our Canadian brothers need our help.


*    Everywhere I went (except the interview and other obvious
places) I wore my button which loudly proclaims "STOP Newborn
Circumcision NOW."  Whenever I went out in my grandfather's
Oldsmobile, I made sure to stick on those big, bold, and graphic
magnetized bumper stickers.  (I got this idea from Warren Smith).

I carried NOCIRC pamphlets everywhere I went and inserted them
anywhere they might be found--in books, magazines, on the plane,
in the hotel.

*    When I wore my anti-circ. button in California, I got only
three reactions, all of them from men.  One said, "I agree, but
it's too late for me."  Another smiled and said, "You must be a
Dr. Dean Edell fan."  Finally, on the way back to Japan, a fellow
passenger just wondered if my button was affiliated with "those
organizations" who oppose circumcision and who do foreskin

*    I had the pleasure of speaking with several American
NOCIRCers over the phone:  Wayne Griffiths of Concord, CA., Tim
Sally of San Francisco (whom I finally recognized as one I'd met
at the 2nd International Symposium on Circumcision), Rosemary
Romberg (while I was in Anchorage), John Erickson of MS, and of
course, Marilyn Milos.

*    For the first time since I became a convicted atheist, I
went to church (Christian Science) with my father and my
grandmother.  There, I saw a buddy and his wife, who was very
pregnant.  I mentioned to him about my campaign, but it wasn't
necessary.  Before I could say much, he said, "I'm not into
circumcision anyway.  There's no reason to do it."  End of that
part of the conversation.

*    I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon chez Marilyn in
San Anselmo.  We got a lot of work and talking and sharing done. 
I obtained some info. which I'll share with you, and I walked
away with more "ammo."  We even enjoyed a walk/job/run up in the
beautiful hills behind the house.


*    In Vol.2:3 (18 Jan.) I reported that at St. Vincent Hospital
in Santa Fe, New Mexico USA, more than 20 maternal-child nurses
had informed physicians and other nurses in writing that they
will no longer assist with routine circumcision of newborn male
infants.  This has caused just the kind of stir that we would
like to see, and we have an opportunity to let our voices be
heard.  I have three articles on this subject which each send out
a powerful message.

In all three, there is a urologist named Dr. Stephan Lucero who
is mentioned or quoted.  He accused the nurses of "trying to be
doctors" and of "overstepping their bounds."  "This should be a
decision between doctors and families," Lucero said.  He accused
the nurses of "jumping in with misinformation and misleading the
public."  Etc.  He also cites the usual health rationale for

I don't have time to provide you with detailed information, but
please do write letters stating your general reactions, feelings,
etc. not to mention appreciation for the nurses' courageous
stand.  The address of Dr. Stephan Lucero is 1630 Hospital Dr.,
Santa Fe, NM 87501.

The Journal North, which printed, "Parents Uneducated About
Circumcision, 2 Dozen Nurses Say" by John Yaeger, Journal staff
writer, on 3 Feb. can be contacted at Alburquerque Journal, 328
Galisted St., Santa Fe, NM 87501.

The New Mexican printed two articles by Keith Easthouse: a 28
Jan. article entitled "24 nurses say circumcision 'conflicts with
our beliefs',"  In both articles, a Dr. Cheryl Whitman was quoted
or mentioned.  She said (in the first article), "The pros and
cons (of circ.) probably even out."  She said (in the second
article) that while she will perform circumcisions if they are
requested by parents, she does not consider them medically
necessary.  The address of The New Mexican is P.O. Box 2048,
Santa Fe, NM 87501.  The address of Dr. Cheryl Whitman is Arroyo
Chamiso Pediatric Ctr, 2025 South Galisted St., Santa Fe, NM

Lastely, if you would like to contact the courageous nurses who
have taken a stand for babies, write Santa Fe Nurses, c/o Ann
Lown, RN, P.O. Box 8824, Santa Fe, NM 87504.

*    Please write me and tell me what you're doing with my
newsletters.  I've skipped Wayne Griffiths and a few others a few
times because I wasn't hearing from them.  Then Wayne told me
that he's been making about twenty copies of each newsletter I
send him.  I'd like to hear from more people, including those who
are getting my letter second hand.  This will help me determine
who gets my newsletter.  (Another determining factor, of course
is who sends me financial aid.)

*    This article was published in the 10 Feb. San Jose Mercury
sentenced two Mali women to suspended five-year sentences Tuesday
for circumcising their daughters, a right of initiation in many
African countries but outlawed in France.  The prosecution sought
five-year prison terms for Taky Traore and Oura Doucoure. 
Defense attorneys contended their clients acted out of tradition
and in ignorance of French law.  The ritual, carried out in the
mother's presence without anesthesia and found in east and west
Africa and the Middle East, entails slicing off the clitoris and
adjacent tissue.

*    Let's write to Donna Shalala, Secretary, Health/Human
Services, c/o White House, Washington, DC 20006 with our message. 
Provided by D.C. McKnight.

*    David McKnight also gives me the following information:  "A
freshman Iowa Representative sent a nice note saying he favors
abolition of infant circumcision, and that's important to know
for the future when legislators will need to pass laws protecting
the infant minority as they have other minorities.  In case
you've time to direct a note of appreciation his way (because
Iowa is pretty misinformed in spite of my efforts and it wouldn't
hurt, for future use, to let him know I've passed on the info.)--
Rep. Ed Fallon, House of Representatives, State House, Des
Moines, Iowa 150319.

*    I recently sent out a list of activists.  Tim Sally brought
an error to my attention.  The correct address of Harry Meislahn
should read:  976 Pine St., Winnetka IL 60093.

*    Here's another activist to add to our list according to
Marilyn:  George T. Johannesen Jr., 2533 S. 8th St., Springfield,
IL 62703-3828.

*    My letter was printed in the lastest Australian Women's
Forum in response to the article "Choice Cuts."  I will keep you
all posted about any responses.

*    This thought came to me recently and can be used to our
advantage.  It concerns that fact that ignoring circ. of boys
ultimately endangers girls.  As an anti-circumcisionist, I am
vehemently opposed to the mutilation of girls; however, I am so
busy fighting against the mutilation of boys in my own backyard
that I don't have the time to concentrate on girls in Africa, the
Middle East, etc.

*    A copy of this newsletter is being sent simultaneously to
the following activists:  Bettie Malofie, Dan Skomp, David
McKnight, Elizabeth Noble, Frank Cranbourne, Fred Hayward, George
Johannesen, Harry Meislahn, James Whipple, Jim Bigelow, John
Erickson, John Sawkey, John Shanahan, Larry Murphy, Marilyn
Milos, Ronald Goldman, Rosemary Romberg, Russell Zangger, Tim
Sally, Tom Anderson, Warren Smith, Wayne Griffiths.  Please note
someone I missed, make copies, and pass it on!

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