A Message to Intact Males


A Message to Intact Males

Most men who have the extraordinary good fortune in having an
INTACT penis are not aware of how endowed they actually are.  Due
to wise and compassionate parents, an outstanding doctor, or just
plain luck, you have been gifted with a superior sex organ.  That
is a simple fact.  Your penis has many times the sensuous nerves
as your circumcised peers.  Your penis is still protected and
preserves its only natural, moveable part.  Your INTACT penis
enhances all sexual activities and your enjoyment of intercourse
and masturbation is beyond anything the owner of a cut and
deadened penis can imagine.  Your INTACT penis works naturally
within the natural vagina (sleeve within a sleeve) and there are
obvious reasons why Nature intended it to be INTACT.  Please
carry this important message to others and help the next
generation of boys avoid the loss of a natural, sensitive, INTACT

You, as an INTACT male, are included in about 85% of the world's
male population.  Only one man in seven is circumcised (and 75%
of all circumcised men are Moslems).  Of the non-Moslem, non-
Jewish population of the world, 19 of 20 males are INTACT!  (See
CIRCUMCISION UPDATE, Who In The World Circumcises?  W.I.N. VII). 
The only countries that practice routine circumcision are Islamic
nations (such as Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Turkey, Bangladesh, Egypt,
Pakistan, Libya), Israel and the United States!  During the past
decade the circumcision rate in Canada has dropped from 48% to
18% and in the U.S. from 90% to 56%.  One of every three
Americans is INTACT and the number is increasing.  England
stopped circumcising in the late 1940's and the rest of Europe
never got involved in the crazy fad in the beginning.  Almost all
European men are INTACT.

You were not strapped down while your foreskin was crushed, the
head of your penis and foreskin torn apart, cut, crushed again,
and then amputated.  You did not have a very sensitive part of
your body mutilated without your consent.  You didn't have to go
through intense pain, screaming for them to "STOP!"  Your
friend's screams went unheeded and ignored.  His genitalia were
butchered.  You did not have to go into shock withdrawal,
convulsions, a semi-comatose state, or have your brain
temporarily deprived of required oxygen or your brain chemistry
altered, nor imprinted with that trauma for life.  You didn't
have to worry about the loss of all or part of your penis,
hemorrhage, scar tissue, infection (including staphylococcal
infection), or meatitis, meatal ulceration, stenosis, extensive
skin loss, abnormal bowing or curvature, hypospadias, epispadias,
skin bridges, keloid, etc.  Please carry the message to others! 
Please try to help infant boys avoid needless suffering!  Please
try to help others grow into adulthood with what Nature gave
them, not a deadened, insensitive, modified penis!

On very rare occasions there are boys born without a foreskin and
their condition is considered "abnormal."  It makes no sense, for
any reason whatsoever, to remove the normal, functional,
protective foreskin of an innocent, helpless, uninformed child
and convert a normal, natural penis into an abnormal organ!  If a
man desires to be circumcised later in life, that should be his
choice.  If he wants an INTACT natural penis--too late!  Mankind
has been graced with the gift of free will (choice), and that
most basic human right has been taken from that individual
without his consent.  It is amazing that upon seeing an INTACT
penis most cut men do not question why they were chopped up!  A
survey in 1982 found that 34% of cut men did not know that they
were circumcised and about 50% of the women did not know if their
father or husband were circumcised!  Sex education in the United
States?  Another survey, in 1991 and 1992, asked INTACT and
circumcised men if they were unhappy, so-so, or happy over their
penis status.  The results:

INTACT         83% happy, 4% so-so, 8% unhappy
Circumcised    53% happy, 9% so-so, 38% unhappy

The 8% unhappy INTACT men have the choice to change their
situation.  The 38% unhappy circumcised men?  No wonder they are

Some of us INTACT men were shamed by parents of circumcised
friends who believed the many terrible lies that convinced them
that circumcision was beneficial (all disproved); some of us felt
"different" because most of the guys were cut; some of us even
wished that we had been circumcised as infants.  Then again, some
of us felt sorry for those who had their penis mutilated and
avoided showing our INTACT penis to keep them from being envious
of us and our natural sex organ.  A few INTACT men had themselves
circumcised later and most of them deeply regret that decision. 
Now that the hoax has been exposed we can be proud of this INTACT
gift and help educate those less fortunate--give the circumcised
the knowledge to leave their son's bodies as Nature intended and
stop this unnecessary mutilation.  Circumcision is the biggest
fraud in the history of the medical profession!  Circumcision
becomes a medical problem only after you have been circumcised!

In conclusion, you fortunate INTACT men should be aware of the
gift you have been given, be proud of what Nature intended you to
have, carry the message to others in an attempt to keep innocent
baby boys from being physically, sexually and psychologically
abused after birth.  Promote a gentle infancy for these babies
and insure the same gift that you have and so easily take for
granted.  Do the INTACT feel "different" today?  Yes, splendidly
and gloriously different!  Think of all the sexual cripples in
this country who were mutilated--who had a part of their body
removed without their permission!  This is and should be a men's
issue.  If female circumcision and infibulation should gain
acceptance in this country as it has in Islamic countries, the
women of the United States would be in revolt!  There is no
difference--mutilation is mutilation no matter the sex of the
victim!  The mutilation of male or female genitalia is a serious
crime that must be stopped!


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