Halt the Cruelest Cut of All


So, because most North American males do not know how to wash
their genitals, they have their sons circumcised!

Why not pull the teeth of every kid as soon as they come out
because later they can develop cavities?

Why not remove little girls' breasts because later they can
develop cancer more certainly than penises do?

North American doctors are very prompt to forget their
Hippocratic Oath, "First do no harm," and use the knife on
perfectly formed little bodies, oblivious to the atrocious pain
they deliberately impose.

The foreskin (a misnomer for prepuce) is as important to the
penis as the eyelid to the eye.

It is PROTECTION for a very sensitive part of the body.  It has a
role of prime importance in the erection process.

Many boys are so tightly cut as to be unable to satisfactorily
perform later in adulthood.

Doctors ignore this fact and go on cutting, out of ignorance,
deliberate cruelty or financial greed.  Yes, it does bring money!

Good, really good doctors who respect their little patients'
right to an intact body do not perform this procedure.

Circumcision at the closing of the 20th century is a barbaric
custom.  It makes the North American medical profession the
laughing stock of doctors all over the world.

from the north of Finland to the south tip of Italy, millions of
intact males are doing very well, thank you.  Great Britain has
outlawed the procedure which originated there 150 years ago. 
Japan and New Zealand are looking upon this cruelty for what it
is indeed:  Child abuse.

Anything hurting anyone who cannot fight for his/her rights is
committing abuse.

There is no valid medical reason for this cruelty.  It is about
time Canada wakes up to this terrible truth.

Sexually mutilating children by the knife or professionals or by
any action from mentally disturbed twits come to the same result. 
Someone is hurting someone, and that some is a CHILD.

How many babies have suffered complications (hemorrhages,
infections) after a botched circumcision?  Do you think doctors
keep statistics?  Of course not.

How many parents live with the regret of their action and daily
resentment towards the doctor who ill-advised them?

Many, who speak to us, are too shy or embarrassed to go public
because they want to keep their son's right to privacy.

How many men who cannot perform sexually will keep silent because
they are ashamed?

Many, who seek restoration of their foreskin just to look normal,
now live in hell, aware that a part of them is gone forever.

Do you know that nurses working with circumcisers are putting
their job at risk when they advise the parents against
circumcision?  I have enough letters to prove this fact:  It is a
jungle out there!

The fact of the matter is that North America is too ill at ease
with clean, simple sexuality to face its own illiteracy on the

Meantime, newborn males are screaming in pain but at $200. a
prepuce (that's the price on Vancouver Island), it sure helps pay
the mortgage.

Who care?
Letter to The Province
Wednesday, January 13, 1993
Jacqueline Maire, R.N.
P. O. Box 42526
1005 Columbia St.
New Westminster, B.C.
V3M 6H5

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