The Case Against Circumcision


Since This Leaflet is intended to serve as a layman's manual on
the practical aspects of the sex act, the author feels nothing
should be omitted that has a direct bearing upon the subject. 
Furthermore, whether it be utilized or not, it is impossible to
provide a public, starving for adequate instructions, with too
much information calculated to promote sexual compatibility in
the home.

The remarks in this chapter will probably not have much influence
on the present day American practice of circumcision.  However,
they are made for what they are worth and the possibility that
some future parents may think them deserving of consideration in
the event of the birth of a male child.  The author refers to the
practice of circumcision, the disadvantages of which far outweigh
any advantage.
One wonders what acute health situation led to its advocacy, and
makes it so often a routine operation at birth only in the
U.S.??? Paradoxically, a similar structure is found within the
female genitals; yet no physician would recommend amputating the
small lips of the vulva, which correspond to the foreskin of the
penis and perform the same function of protection. Nor is
circumcision of the small lips unknown.  Female circumcision is
practiced ritually by some African tribes.  It has been practiced
by the Turks to allow the male organ easier access to the vagina.
Fortunately, it has been overlooked in the United States.
Of course, there are certain organs of the body that apparently
serve no useful purpose and can at times cause serious harm.  The
most common of these are the tonsils and appendix.  It is a
peculiarity of these organs that they are not necessarily subject
to control by careful living.  Infection can occur
notwithstanding the attention given to one's body.
But the same is not true of the foreskin.  In fact, its existence
could scarcely be less related.  First of all, it performs a
necessary function, a function INTENDED it by nature; second,
even with the most indifferent attention, it cannot possibly
threaten the health of the human body.  These statements do not
permit any argument whatsoever.
It represents a minor hazard, but at no time is it a major
hazard. Only to those who are unclean and neglectful. 
Even in these instances, the blame can be laid directly upon
parents  for not having trained a child to a simple
observance that completely eliminates any threat.  In truth,
there is no more justification for routine circumcision
than for mechanically extracting a youngster's  teeth simply
because lack of care may one day result in abscesses. 
At the very worst, there is always more than ample time for the
removal of the foreskin, should it start giving trouble.  At no
time is circumcision a serious undertaking.  Its practice upon a
week-old baby indicates this.  However, there are an estimated
200 infant deaths a year attributed to circumcision. (Not as many
convicts are executed on Death Row in the United States per
year.) Thousands more require emergency intervention and
corrective surgery later to correct a procedure that should never
have been done in the first place!

The discussion in this chapter pertains exclusively to its
acceptance by Gentiles. For the Semitic people it has the
influence of their religion behind it, but even this is hardly
sufficient to justify it.  The ceremony is a holy one, and has
for its background the antiquated teachings of Moses.  But since
circumcision is NO PART OF CHRISTIAN DOGMA, it has been adopted
by the Gentile on the basis of health alone; on that basis it is
The foreskin is a sheath of flesh that is a proper and continuous
part of the skin of the penis.  It extends over the head (or
glans), precisely as a cap or hood, and prevents its coming into
contact with the groin or clothing, much the same as the outer
and inner lips of the female protect the vulva.  The skin is snug
yet sufficiently elastic to be drawn back completely exposing the
head.  This action occurs during intercourse.
The foreskin protects the glans from contact with rough surfaces,
and enables it to retain a pronounced sensitivity.  The slightest
touch upon the head by anything not lubricated, even the finger
creates a sharp feeling of tenderness similar to that experienced
when a piece of raw flesh is exposed.
Before circumcision, the glans is a deep pink, much as the organ
of any male animal when upon erection it protrudes from the
sheath.  Also it is kept moist by the foreskin in the same manner
that the vulva of the female is lubricated by the small lips.
The head comes to a round blunt point, but its base is somewhat
larger than the rest of the male organ.  This creates a ridge, as
if a ring were placed around it, and which, when in contact with
the vaginal canal during intercourse, produces a rippling along
the walls.  In fact, devices exist, known as -ticklers,- that fit
over the glans of undersized organs to increase stimulation of
the vaginal canal.
Since the glans is larger than the section of the penis adjoining
it, an encircling crevice is formed.  Like any crevice it invites
accumulations, and in the case of the male organ, a white deposit
gathers there called smegma.
If allowed to accumulate for many months, smegma might possibly
cause some irritation. But, even this is doubtful.  It is
troublesome only in connection with adhesions.  However, to give
advocates of circumcision the best of every possible argument,
let it be assumed that a deposit of many months will result in
irritation.  The fact is, smegma can gather for a long time
without producing the slightest discomfort.  The gatherings are
accumulations that may or may not become larger over a
considerable period of time.  Meanwhile, since a child or his
parents can have removed it on a hundred different occasions,
this leaves an uncircumcised adult without any excuse for its
accumulation other than unpardonable uncleanliness.
Smegma is easily removed.  The foreskin is simply drawn back and
the area cleaned with a wash cloth.  A female performs a similar
operation each time she showers.  In her case, though, greater
difficulty is encountered, because of the many folds and
convolutions of the vulva and the fact that inspection is




Actually, the only inconvenience likely to develop results from
adhesions.  If the foreskin is not manipulated regularly, like
during intercourse or masturbation,) it may grow in spots to the
ridge about the head of the penis; and, if not stretched, it may,
(in rare instances.) bind the glans.  This might only occur if an
uncircumcised individual never draws back the foreskin over a
very long period of time.  The word -regularly- implies as seldom
as once every two or three days in maturity, and then only if the
boy or man is lazy, stupid, or not clean.  An intelligent person,
obviously, will attend to this matter frequently perhaps upon
each urination.  A male spends at least fifteen seconds holding
his organ while urinating, and only an instant is required to
draw back the foreskin.
Under these circumstances, due to regular stretching, both
binding of the glans and adhesions are not even to be
considered.  Perhaps, even nature herself, anticipated
carelessness on the part of the man and deliberately created
conditions to offset it.  The glans is smooth and moist, and
neither smooth nor moist surfaces encourage adhesions.
Nevertheless, let it be further assumed that the threat of
adhesion is far more serious than it actually is and that
the ridge of the glans and the foreskin will eventually grow
together.  Since the actual conditions is one to discourage this,
the surface at worst can adhere only in spots.  Smegma then
accumulates in the crevices below the ridge of the glans and
beneath the adhesions.  There it cannot be reached and pain and
irritation occur.  What now?  The adhesion is loosened with a
blunt probe and the deposit removed.  Or what is more probable,
the; doctor, realizing he has a careless individual for a
patient, will recommend a complete circumcision,
Therein lies the sole reason for routine circumcision: the
neglect of a few.  Male children from clean homes and
clean parents are mechanically penalized because a careless
minority must be protected from its own stupidity.
Notwithstanding the fact that circumcision is unnecessary, the
author still would not question it but for a most unfortunate
consequence.  The man with a foreskin, although he does not
realize it, experiences an intensity of pleasure in intercourse
and masturbation that does not extend to the circumcised
individual.  Let this be clarified.
It must be admitted that nature makes few mistakes, considerably
less than man, and she definitely intended the foreskin.  Sound,
specific, and clever functions were provided for it and those
functions it performs.  So long as it does, mechanical removal
cannot be justified.
The functions of the foreskin are two in number.  The first is to
protect the head of the penis and keep it sensitive.  Why?
Because the nerve center of sexual sensation in the male lies at
the base of the head of the penis and nowhere else.  It requires
greater protection than the clitoris of the female, to which it
corresponds, because in many women other parts of the vulva may
be almost equally sensitive.
This is not the case with the male organ.  The sensation of
climax starts only at the head and develops its intensity
there.  Common sense will insist that nature intended that
particular structure to be there and not be cut away
Eventually, if the ovaries  become infected, a hysterectomy must
be performed to protect health.  If a leg becomes gangrenous it
must be amputated for the same reason.  But for obvious
intelligent consideration does one mechanically remove  a healthy
limb, or section of the human body so long as the part is
performing an important role in life and is not menacing health?

It has been remarked that before circumcision the head of the
penis is pink, and tender to the touch.  Following the
circumcision operation the glans rapidly becomes greyish and so
insensitive that sandpaper can be rubbed against it without
creating the slightest pain.  Since circumcision exposes the bare
glans by necessitating the amputation of all the protective skin,
constant contact then, with clothing quickly reduces its
sensitivity to that of ordinary epidermis. This is the effect of
circumcision upon the sexual center of the male body.
The second function performed by the foreskin is an ingenious
one, it acts as a natural 'tickler' and adds to the
stimulation of the female by increasing the circumference of the
male organ. Since the foreskin is a loose section of flesh
surrounding the head of the penis, the forward motion of the
penis in the vaginal canal. during intercourse forces the
foreskin back automatically and expands to bunch in folds at the
base of the head.  The withdrawing motion then reverses the
operation.  The clinging contact of the foreskin to the vaginal
walls causes it to be drawn forward again covering the head of
the penis, increasing its size.
It should be mentioned that the vaginal walls are in many cases
extremely sensitive and will respond to any variation of contact
against them.  It is the rippling of the walls brought about by
the ridge of the glans that produces the highest eclat to even
the least passionate woman.  So susceptible are vaginal walls to
motion that the pulsing of the penis during ejaculation, as it
expands and contracts, can induce an orgasm in many women, even
though the man's climax is already in progress.  During a female
orgasm, the vagina, likewise, expands and contracts as if
maneuvering to crowd itself more snugly about the male organ. 
These rippling sensations are felt by the penis.
Actually, any variations of pressure against the walls of the
vagina will register directly and immediately upon the sexual
mechanism of the female and intensifies HER pleasure.  This
function the foreskin performs by increasing the head
circumference upon one motion and decreasing it upon another is
important to sexual satisfaction.  Furthermore, since the thrust
of the penis drives the foreskin back to bunch itself at the base
of the head, it tends to thicken the ridge.  This also varies the
pressure against the vaginal walls giving a feeling of
overpowering sexual joy, which is important to marital bliss.  It
becomes clear then that the foreskin in addition to playing a
protective role also serves as an important instrument in varying
the sensations experienced by the female during
Its amputation, therefore, actually reduces the circumference of
the penis, by more than 1/16 of an inch, and sentences it to
perform in an unvarying manner.  Since the vaginal walls will
respond to the even minute momentary increase in size brought
about alone by a pulsation of the penis, 1/16 of an inch is a
LARGE measurement by comparison.
To future parents of male children, it is suggested that they
weigh the matter very carefully before exposing a boy to a
mechanical operation that has no better recommendation than the
argument that some people are unclean and neglectful.  The
questionable gain does not at all compensate for the unnecessary
loss.  It must be emphasized again that since sexual
incompatibility constitutes such a threat to domestic happiness,
a man requires every support he can obtain to meet it.
Circumcision will NOT aid him!!!


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