Not a Circumcision Aficionado


I never cease to be astonished by the incredible ignorance among
American women - and men - about the subject of circumcision. 
Having had a liberal upbringing in Denmark, an American
education, and travelled extensively during my ten-year marriage
to an American air force officer (we are both into swinging), I
have encountered no less than 300 penises during my life--about
half of which were uncircumcised.  I feel more than qualified to
enlighten your readers on some of the most common misconceptions
concerning uncircumcised males.
I first became aware of how naive American women were about
circumcision during my freshman year at an American university. 
My roommate and I were dating the same guy, and I made a comment
to her that I ". .. dug Ron the most because he was
uncircumcised, like my Danish boyfriends back home." There ensued
a heated debate because my roommate insisted that Ron was
circumcised.  It seems she had only seen his penis in the erect
state, when the foreskin was quite naturally retracted, and
assumed that, because the head of his penis was exposed, he must
be circumcised!
It's not surprising, in a country where better than 90 percent of
all males are circumcised shortly after birth, that such naivete
exists.  Since the explanations usually offered by magazine
editors to such questions are often incomplete and only further
mystify the inquirer, I'd like to share my observations as a way
to clarify the matter once and for all.
First of all, all normal uncircumcised penises have a foreskin
that is capable of being completely retracted.  Furthermore, I
defy the average American male or female to distinguish between a
circumcised penis and an uncircumcised one with the foreskin
retracted, either in a flaccid or erect state.  There simply is
no visual difference, except to an expert such as a physician (or
While length and tautness of foreskin varies widely among males,
the overwhelming majority seem to fall within a narrow mean Since
my uncircumcised husband falls well within this mean, I will use
his penis to illustrate what I am talking about.
When comfortably flaccid, his foreskin covers all but the tip of
his glans penis.  Only during extreme cold or physical exertion
does the foreskin cover his penis entirely.  During various
stages of semi-erection, his foreskin covers anywhere from three
quarters of the head to just the corona (rim) of the glans. 
During normal full erection, the head is completely exposed, with
the foreskin gathered in loose folds just behind the rim of the
glans.  Durinq extreme erection. the foreskin is stretched back
so tautly that there are no folds of skin at all.

So much for natural positioning of the foreskin.  When my husband
manually retracts his foreskin (in the flaccid state), it will
normally remain retracted-unless he sits down, or jumps into the
swimming pool (water has strange effects on the penis, I've
noticed).  As previously noted, his penis looks circumcised
whenever the foreskin is retracted.
As nudity enthusiasts, my husband and I have often visited nudist
parks in both Europe and the U.S. In European nudist parks my
husband feels quite comfortable with his uncircumcised penis, but
in American camps he sometimes feels out of place.  To combat the
natural tendency of the foreskin to position itself at the tip of
the penis, my husband has devised a method to keep his foreskin
re-tracted indefinitely, We would like to share his method with
your readers.
First, grasp the penis near its base with the left thumb and
index finger, pulling the foreskin back slightly behind the rim
of the glans.  Then, forming a loose circle with the thumb and
index finger of the right hand, gently stroke forward on the
folds of foreskin until they turn under.  If done correctly, the
characteristically ragged leading edge of the folds of foreskin
will be turned under completely, leaving a sculptured look, as if
one had been circumcised by an expensive plastic surgeon.
Moreover, the foreskin will remain retracted almost forever.
I find it a crime that so many American males are mutilated by
circumcision.  True, from an aesthetic standpoint the completely
exposed head of the penis is a work of art, but, as I have
already pointed out, the uncircumcised male can achieve the same
look by merely retracting his foreskin.
At the same time, the uncircumcised penis has a "cuteness" and
personality of its own, and has much more potential in foreplay
than the relatively inflexible circumcised penis.  Moreover, the
exposed head of the uncircumcised penis is infinitely more
exquisitely sculptured than the circumcised one.  For one thing,
the head retains a smooth, satiny texture and an extreme
sensitivity to touch throughout one's life.  When a boy is
circumcised at birth, by comparison, this sensitivity is soon
lost.  The skin of the glans becomes rough and the corona (rim)
of the glans, unrestricted by the protective foreskin, flares out
in what I believe is a most unattractive manner.
Another little-known fact is that the leading one inch or so of
foreskin, which is the part ordinarily removed in circumcision,
is richly endowed with erectile tissue, which responds to oral
and manual stimulation in the same way as the female nipple.
The most common argument for circumcision is cleanliness.  It's
true that without regular washing, the foul-smelling smegma does
form beneath the foreskin of the uncircumcised male.  In this
instance, European men could take a good lesson from American
men, With American bathing habits (at least once every two days),
smegma never becomes a problem.
Ironically, the hormonal secretions that create smegma, when
fresh, are the source of the deliciously musky, salty penis taste
that many women adore.  Circumcised penises are virtually
tasteless and nowhere near as much fun to suck.

In my opinion, any male who escaped the ritual circumcision in
his youth is indeed very lucky.  However, if you are not
circumcised and appearances bother you, adult circumcision is not
the answer.  Adult circumcision is almost never satisfactory,
often leaving an ugly scar that is appealing to neither the
tongue nor the eye.
Instead, try the method I've suggested for retracting the
foreskin. If it doesn't work for you, consider having a plastic
surgeon remove a small elliptical section of foreskin on the
underside of the penis and stitch the resulting edges together to
produce the necessary tautness to keep the foreskin retracted
behind the corona of the glans, still allowing the foreskin to be
pushed forward naturally when desired, as in foreplay.


Provided by:
Rev. Russell Zangger
The Remain Intact Organization
R. R. #2, Larchwood, Iowa
U.S.A.  51241

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