Boy bleeds to death after cut

News  Nation (Nairobi). Friday, 14 December 2007.

Edward Koech

Boy bleeds to death after circumcision

A 13-year-old boy has bled to death after he was circumcised at home in West Pokot.

The Standard Five pupil at Kwonesis Primary School from excessive bleeding after being circumcised by a traditional attendant at his home in Kospot village, Chesegon Division on Wednesday.

The boy, who was among others who underwent the cut has already been buried secretly in the bush in Sigor constituency location.

Circumcision of both boys and girls is rampant and highly valued by the community.

Chesegon division district officer Justus Motanya confirmed the death, adding that investigations were going on.

In a related incident, an administration policeman was seriously injured after he was stoned by villagers.

The attack came after police officers tried to stop the villagers from having three girls in Kepiam village in the district circumcised.

A clergyman had alerted the local Provincial Administration of the planned circumcision, prompting them to immediately dispatch police officers to the village to stop the ceremony.

But when the armed police officers arrived at the home where the ceremony was taking place, the villagers became wild and attacked them using stones, clubs and other weapons injuring one on the head.

Sook division district officer Alvis Kolum said policemen shot in the air to scare the villagers away but they kept advancing and daring them to shoot with live ammunition.

Mr Kolum said police retreated and avoided a clash, and the villagers also retreated but proceeded with the ceremony.

The girls are aged between 13 and 15 years.


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