Doctor 'operated on boy without anaesthetic'

EVENING MAIL, Birmingham, West Midlands, 5 January 2005.

Doctor 'operated on boy without anaesthetic'

Jan 5 2005

By Staff Reporter, Evening Mail

A seven-year-old boy writhed around and screamed in agony when a doctor who was circumcising him failed to top up his anaesthetic when the procedure went wrong.

Dr Mohamed Khursheed Alam, of Farquhar Road, Birmingham, stitched him back up without numbing the area first, the General Medical Council was told.

The experience left seven-year-old Mohammed Abdul Shaid "psychologically disturbed", the Fitness to Practice Panel heard.

The youngster, known as Shaid, was being circumcised by his family's GP in accordance with his Muslim faith. He went to the surgery on Burbury Street, Lozells, Birmingham, with his mother, grandfather, aunt and uncle and was ushered into the treatment room in August 2003.

After a few minutes, Shaid's mother Juleka Bibi could hear that her son was not happy, the GMC was told. Mr Enoch said: "She could hear that her son was crying and in distress, shouting, 'Don't cut me with scissors'."

The family carried the seven-year-old home and put him to bed, but half an hour later he started to cry and complain of pain.

He was rushed back to the surgery where without giving the child another anaesthetic and without putting on protective gloves, the GP began trying to suppress the bleeding.

Eventually the concerned relatives ignored the doctor's instructions and phoned for an ambulance, and the boy went to hospital. He stayed in overnight but did not require further treatment.

Dr Alam denies serious professional misconduct.


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