CIN (Circumcision Information Network) 1:23

Journal  Circumcision Information Network, Volume 1, Issue 23. Friday, 16 December 1994.

Richard Angell

This weekly bulletin is a project of CIN, the Circumcision Information Network (formerly CIN CompuBulletin). The purpose of this weekly bulletin is to educate the public about and to protect children and other non-consenting persons from genital mutilation. Readers are encouraged to copy and redistribute it, and to contribute written material.
--Rich Angell, Editor.

Curtis Rist's "The Penis Page" (P192) of the January 1995 issue of Penthouse
(the one which features the controversial photos of Paula Jones, the sexual
harrassment accuser of President Clinton), is about the growing number of men
who are seeking to reverse circumcision damage by foreskin restoration.  It
features Dr. Jim Bigelow, author of The Joy of Uncircumcising (5,000 sold,
now in its second edition), Wayne Griffiths, founder of NORM the National
Organization of Restoring Men, and tells, in basic terms, how to do

Transcribed by John Erickson.
Woman announcer:  "For generations South African parents have been sending
their teen-age sons to so-called 'bush schools.'  There they go through a
process call initiation, a boy's passage into manhood.  Special instruction,
harsh living conditions, severe discipline, and circumcision will determine
that they are fit to marry and take part in society...."

On screen, BOB-TV, South Africa.  Man's voice:  "...the greatest concern is
the kidnapping of people to undergo initiation against their will and in the
process lose their lives, with the cause of death not established nor any
death certificate issued.  [The deaths], many people believe, may be as a
result of the severity of the pain suffered at the peak of initiation.  The
instrument or instruments used are also questionable since they are believed
to be obviously not sterilized..."

This report illustrates what CIN has known all along; that tribal genital
mutilation is not a benign practice, even if the victims are only male.  

NOHARMM-Philadelphia, National Organization to Halt the Abuse and Routine
Mutilation of Men, will be meeting Sunday afternoon, 11 January 1995. All men
are welcomed.  For more information contact:, or, or  

Following is a dialogue between CIN CompuBulletin reader "Steve" and the

S:  Any information about women's attitudes towards men who are not
circumcised versus those who are?

CIN:  In most countries, where circumcision is rare, women assume their
lovers have a foreskin and wouldn't consider it any other way.  In societies
where male or female genital mutilation are the norm, persons of the opposite
sex often "prefer" it that way.  Of course, they simply don't know what
they're missing, or they are culturally biased.

In America some women prefer circumcised men and even insist that their
lovers be circumcised (often with disastrous results).  If you encounter such
a woman, remember:  It's easier to get a new girlfriend than a new foreskin.

More enlightened woman find that sex with circumcised men is painful and
lacking in pleasurable sensation, especially as they grow older and lose some
of their own lubrication, though they rarely understand the source of their

S:  Any information about circumcision and masturbation?  Does circumcision
make a difference?

CIN:  An enormous difference.  Circumcision started in English-speaking
countries as a means of preventing masturbation, doctors knowing full well
that amputating the foreskin deprives a boy of a moveable foreskin to play
with and erogenous tissue, which might be tempting.  Not to mention the fact
that circumcision was thought to cause dozens of diseases and conditions.
Obviously, circumcision does not prevent masturbation, but it surely takes
most of the fun of it.

At a NORM meeting (Nat'l Org. of Restoring Men) the men in the group were
asked if foreskin restoration had changed the way they masturbated.  Everyone
present said it had.

When I was a child, since I had no foreskin to play with, I rubbed the
sensitive glans directly on my other hand or on a blanket.  This is what I
call self abuse.  The glans was toughened to the point where it could hardly
feel anything.  Sometimes, I would rub the skin right off.  Still, I was
always left with the frustrating feeling that it could have been more

Since I've been restoring, I have some moveable skin, which I can pull on
without friction.  And the protected glans is a lot more sensitive.  But I'm
still missing the erogenous tissue that was amputated.

You might want to talk with a man who was circ'd as an adult and who really
knows the difference:  William Krueger, 2024 Craig St., Winston-Salem, NC
27103, (910) 724-3982.
S:  The information you provided is consistent with my own experience:

Although some American women find uncircumcised men unappealing, others seem
to take real delight in the foreskin, especially during oral sex.  The
additional erogenous skin gives them more of an opportunity to enjoy their
partner's penis.

Masturbation, although pleasurable in any case, is particularly enjoyed by
men and boys who are still intact.  The additional skin provides a natural
sheath which enhances the pleasure of stroking to orgasm.  In my own case,
the production of lots of precum, coupled with the intact foreskin,  makes
masturbation  as pleasurable as intercourse or receiving oral sex. 

Please feel free to refer others with similar interests and questions to me
here at my AOL address.  Thanks again!

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