CIN (Circumcision Information Network) 1:17

Journal  Circumcision Information Network, Volume 1, Issue 17. Thursday, 27 October 1994.

Richard Angell

This weekly bulletin is a project of CIN, the Circumcision Information Network (formerly CIN CompuBulletin). The purpose of this weekly bulletin is to educate the public about and to protect children and other non-consenting persons from genital mutilation. Readers are encouraged to copy and redistribute it, and to contribute written material.
--Rich Angell, Editor.

On PP17-20 of the November 1994 Reader's Digest is an article entitled "Sex
Secrets Men wish Wives Knew," condensed from "Secrets about men every woman
should know" by Barbara De Angelis.  On P18, paragraph 4, it reads as

"When a man has an erection, it doesn't always mean he wants sex.  An
erection is caused by a flow of blood to the penis.  The stimulus might be
sexual arousal, but it could also be the physiological transition from sleep
to a waking state, a full bladder or FRICTION FROM TIGHT CLOTHING."  Emphasis

What isn't written is the fact that this friction is normally true only among
circumcised males, where the exposed glans rubs against clothing.  The intact
male's glans, on the other hand,  is protected by the foreskin or prepuce,
just like the intact female's clitoris is protected by the clitoral hood or
prepuce, and just like the eye is protected by the eyelid.

Harry Meislahn, NOCIRC representative of Illinois, addressed the 12th Annual
Conference of Midwives Alliance of North America in Chicago, Illinois 30
September - 2 October.  He writes:
"Our exhibit table at the MANA Conference was open 9 hours per day during the
entire conference.  I also presented a seminar/workshop that ran 1 hour 45
"There were 600 attendees and hundreds stopped by our table and exhibits. The
Workshop was well attended with great interest shown.  I had thought there
might be at least a few stalwarts for circumcision ready to do battle.  To
the contrary, we didn't hear one word in favor of circumcision during the
entire conference.
"Support for our position came from many quarters:  An exhibitor (Jewish
mother) offered that she had never even considered circumcision for her son.
The purveyor of conference audio tapes stated he had grown up with one of the
few foreskins in the neighborhood and was glad to be 'different.' Many
midwives stated that they had decided against circumcision years ago simply
because it was 'unnatural' and so advised parents long before NOCIRC. Others
stopped and said they were 'glad' to see NOCIRC at the conference.  Many
parents with little boys in tow stopped, pointed to the cover of Elizabeth
Noble's book ':The Joy of Being A Boy,' [SEE ITEM BELOW] saying to their
little one, "See, he isn't circumcised either!!"

"We handled the Ritual Circumcision respectfully and our pamphlet 'Jewish
Perspective on Ritual Circumcision' was well received.  Pre and Post test
helped break the ice and liven up things at the workshop.  The workshop was a
big success. 

"We should take heart and be encouraged that the vast preponderance of
midwives we spoke to strongly oppose circumcision and will use materials we
have supplied.  They are good staunch allies in our endeavor."
NOCIRC of Utah will be addressing the conference of the International
Childbirth Education Association using much the same outline used by Harry.
For more info in the Chicago area, contact NOCIRC at (708) 441-8027.

Two members of CIN, representing NOCIRC, attended the first annual Bay Area
Birthing Summit.  The summit was attended by midwives, LLL representatives,
natural childbirth advocates, infant and maternal massage therapists...and a
few medical doctors, who seemed uncomfortable and out of place.  We two
NOCIRC reps provided literature, displayed books, and answered questions.  We
were warmly received.  We got no negative comments, but quite a few positive
ones.  One midwife commented to me that she was glad to see men coming out in
defense of the babies.

Although we were met with strong support, it was quite apparent that had we
not been there, the word circumcision would never have been mentioned.  Even
the guest speakers, renowned prenatal researchers and authors, Phyllis and
Marshall Klaus, tiptoed around the word -- even as they spoke of the
"unnecessary" procedures which interfere with the maternal bonding, etc.
They later told me that, although they oppose circumcision, they find it too
controversial to talk about, and leave it up to groups like NOCIRC.

This brings up an important point, that there are many professionals --
doctors, lawyers, etc. -- who agree with NOCIRC, but they are still afraid to
speak out, much as scientists were once afraid to publicly state that the
earth is round.  CIN welcomes comments from such professionals, and anonymity
will be respected.

NEW FOR INTACT BOYS:  "The Joy of Being a Boy"
If today all infant circumcisions in North America were to cease, we would
still be faced with millions of parents and physicians with little knowledge
about the structure and function of the natural penis.  Now comes The Joy of
Being a Boy, by Elizabeth Noble and Leo Sorger, MD.  This concise booklet
reassures the young boy and his family that for his penis to remain intact as
nature intended is the best way.  It further warns not to let anyone forcibly
retract his foreskin, especially ignorant health care providers.  The booklet
is $4 (or $3 for orders of 10 or more) plus shipping.  New Life Images, 448
Pleasant Lake Avenue, Harwich, MA 02645 (Tel 508-432-8040, Fax 508-432-9685).

The Northwest Premier:  The Nurses of St Vincent Saying No To Circumcision, a
powerful documentary film showing why these women have challenged the
prevailing logic and medical ethics of infant circumcision.  

Thursday, 10 November 1994, 19:00 at the Mountaineers Building, Skagit Room,
300 Third Avenue West, Seattle,WA. 98119.  $10 Donation proceeds go directly
to the nurses.  Contact NOCIRC of Washington for reservations, (206)

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