To Be Intact

by Michael Holm

What does it mean to be intact?
I know I'm intact when I can retract.
How do you know if you can retract?
I know I retract when I pull mine back.

What does it mean to circumcise?
It means to cut the little guys.
Why would you cut the little guys?
The doctors cut 'cuz they think it's wise.

Some people say it prevents disease.
A little cut puts their mind at ease.
But to hear him scream would make you freeze.
I wonder if its worth it - geez.

The doctor says to get it done.
Hey kid! You're not the only one.
A circumcised dad needs a circumcised son.
Now you will be an American.

I think I can wait for one year somehow.
But I'm still unsure if I'll sign right now.
The doctor begs me to do it now.
I tell the doctor, "Don't have a cow!"

I heard that the cut destroys the tip.
The most sensitive tip is destroyed with the snip.
So I think I will wait with that dreadful snip.
I will let my son choose if he wants the clip.

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