Circumcision and Breastfeeding: A Response to Nikki Lee's Letter

Journal of Human Lactation, Volume 17, Issue 1: Page 7, 2001.

Letters to the Editor

I agree with Nikki Lee (2000;16:295) that baby boys are at lower risk for breastfeeding difficulties when circumcision is delayed and breastfeeding is more established. Case in point: my own three sons were all circumcised at home at 8 days at the traditional Brith Milah. Breastfeeding was well established, my milk supply was ample, and the babies had a full week to perfect their skills. As soon as the mohel was finished, the baby was whisked back to mom's breast for a comforting feed, with no problems at all! This is so unlike what I observe in the hospital again and again, with babies shocked into a stupor, some having not yet even suckled well, milk volume not yet increased, and mom not yet experienced with feeding.

Linda Caplan, RN, IBCLC, Columbia, Maryland, USA


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