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This is the top index page of the Circumcision Reference Library. The Library is an online collection of abstracts, full text articles, and other material relating to male circumcision.

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[DIR] General articles and books
[DIR] Policy statements by medical organizations
[DIR] The normal development of the penile prepuce
[DIR] Adult penile anatomy
[DIR]Foreskin sexual function
[DIR] Complications of circumcision
[DIR]Deaths from circumcision
[DIR] Pain of circumcision and pain control
[DIR] Psychological aspects of circumcision
[DIR] Effects of circumcision on breastfeeding, maternal bonding, and child development
[DIR] Proper penile hygiene for intact men
[DIR] Conservative treatment of penile problems (phimosis, adhesions, balanitis, etc.)
[DIR] The role of the prepuce in prevention of disease and infections
[DIR] Circumcision procedure: Surgical methods, costs, cost-benefit analyses, reimbursement
[DIR] History of circumcision; Historical and modern rationales for circumcision
[DIR] Cultural and religious documents
[DIR] Bioethics and human rights index
[DIR] Anthropology and sociology of circumcision
[DIR] Legal references
[DIR] Circumcision statistics
[DIR] Circumcision reversal: Nonsurgical and Surgical methods

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